Classics of Community Psychiatry

Oxford University Press, 2011

Classics of Community Psychiatry is the first volume to extract from the vast literature on community psychiatry over the past 50 years a set of classic accounts that have defined, interpreted, and challenged professional and popular understanding of community mental health. The 45 classics in the volume range from ethnographic accounts to novel excerpts to economic analyses to government reports, from topics of deinstutionalization to psychiatric rehabilitation, the “myth of mental illness,” recovery, and more. Unique to this soon-to-be-classic volume is the use of extensive editorial text to introduce readers to three “eras” of community psychiatry, with informed speculations on its future.

(edited volume, with Martha Staeheli Lawless, Kenneth Thompson, and Larry Davidson)

What a brilliant idea to put together this group of documents related to community psychiatry! And to include writings that are political, research-based, polemical, personal, impressionistic, as well as others focused on systems development and evaluation. Because all of these, of course, are major contributors to this complex and diverse field.
— John Strauss, M.D., Co-author, The Roots of the Recovery Movement in Psychiatry

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