Clinical Oncology and Error Reduction

Wiley-Blackwell, 2011

Clinical Oncology and Error Reduction fills a gap—the lack of a single volume on medical error in the vast field of cancer care—that has existed since a 1999 Institute of Medicine report introduced the term “medical error” as a topic for doctors and patients alike. This book covers a wide range of topics essential to an understanding of the unique character, challenges, and required responses to the to the risk, incidence, and aftermath of medical error in the diagnosis, treatment, and aftermath of treatment for cancer. Clinical Oncology and Error Reduction will serve as the standard for framing the discussion of error for oncologists, epidemiologists, nurses, healthcare administrators, researchers, and scholars.

(edited, with Antonella Surbone)

There is no question that this book is an exercise in courage: for the risk its contributors, mostly oncologists, and its editors take in acknowledging errors in clinical oncology opens a truth that some may find best left unsaid . . . This collection represents the initiation of a needed conversation about medical error in oncology and a salutary invitation to the wider community of professional oncology—its physicians, nurses, and others, notably cancer patients like myself—to listen to this conversation and perhaps enter into its continuation. It is a mindful and responsible call to arms, and it will reward the reader who hears and understands the personal and existential as well as the clinical dimensions of its various narratives.
—Dominic J. Balestra, Ph.D., from the foreword

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