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In American society, the mentally ill population has been marginalized by incarceration, high rates of homelessness, not being registered to vote, and being victims of trauma, poverty, and abuse. In a compassionate and well-researched book, Michael Rowe presents to students, social work clients, educators, and practitioners a model of inclusion and citizenship for the mental ill population to be members of American Society. 
— Steven Granich, The New Social Worker


Medical sociologist Michael Rowe uses multicolored threads—values and ethics, concepts and theories, stories and lessons—to weave an intriguing tapestry. He presents the citizenship model as an adaptable framework for those working within the mental health system. The author begins the narrative with homeless outreach and concludes with genuine citizenship, as distinguished from community placement and abandonment. Rowe challenges readers to look at the realities of the community integration process through the lens of those who have lived it.
— M.M. Slusser, Choice. “Outstanding Academic Title” (American Library Association)


Citizenship and Mental Health provides an in-depth look at how citizenship theory can benefit the mental health field. Using a model and validated instrument, Rowe introduces a replicable approach to integrating citizenship theory and mental health practice. The book is accessible and [its] use of personal vignettes, introductory-level theory, and key research findings makes mental health care relevant to the general reader.
— Margaret McGrath Holland, Social Work


This book introduces and explicates the concept of citizenship and then demonstrates its practical applicability to the field of mental health . . . The novelty and creativity here are in the effort to apply citizenship to thinking about the care of individuals suffering from mental disorders. The current wave sweeping the field is known as “recovery,” but Rowe’s text represents a clear advancement on that notion.”
— Ezra Griffith, author of I’m Your Father, Boy: A Family Memoir of Barbados and Race and Excellence: My Dialogue with Chester Pierce

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